If its startimegraphics,You have to love the graphics!

*Rules for Guild layouts, Petpage layouts, and banners*

  • DO NOT Steal my graphics, I don't care if you change the picture. If you change the picture please put this: Layout made by ckw039 Picture (made) by: (yourname or username).
  • Please tell the truth if you steal a layout....... I wont get mad if you tell the truth and fix the mistake.

*Rules for request*

  • Please request when request are open.
  • Do not bug me saying "Is my layout done yet?" I will neomail you when it is done.
  • Request pick up: You must pick up your layout or graphic before I delete them. I will delete them every two weeks on a saturday. You might be lucky if I forget.

*Rules for Affiliates*

  • Please neomail me first before submiting your site.
  • Please don't neomail me saying "Did you get my neomail and request?" That gets really anoying.