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Welcome to Startimegraphics/ckw039. Hi I am candice from neopets. I make graphics for startimegraphics. Right now is now working! You can apply by neomailing me. BTW I am ckw039 on neopets. Anyway so welcome. Oh! Also more stuff is coming on the way! And check this site out: LadesignzPlaidGraphix, Brittys' Neopets Layoutsand ROXSTARNIGHTGRAPHICS are the sites new affiliate. Oh please do not post mean coments. This counter is by  Counter:


  1. Hey guys! Sorry I have not updated for a year!  
  2. New layouts and banners are going to be posted in their categories. We have a new thing called "E-mail'n News". Its Completly FREE! If you are 10 and under and sign up for it, you must put your parents E-mail where it says "Parents E-mail addres". Its so I can E-mail them and let them know that you signed up for the E-mail'n News. I E-mail you news about new layouts, graphics, and others. This idea was mostly Leah Alexis. 
  3. Three new guild layouts are posted, and Happy New Year! I am trying to put guild logo's on here.
  4. Sorry I have not updated for 3 days. I have been busy with school.
  5. Ok I am trying to make more layouts.
  6. Request are OPEN!!!


I make every type of Graphics.


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